Reclaim Your Joy
Build Resilience
To help you find your joy of medicine the program offers resiliency consultations with approved and vetted providers, as well as physician socials, peer groups and shared-interest groups 

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Connect with Colleagues
We are bringing collegiality back to the medical community by offering social opportunities and shared interest groups.

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Annual Summit
Join other physicians in the region at the beautiful Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite for fellowship and hands-on educational sessions to help build resilience and bring joy back to the practice of medicine.

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The Fresno Madera Medical Society Joy of Medicine program aims to empower our members to achieve the highest level of professional and personal well-being. By education and advocacy we promote camaraderie, compassion and healthy lifestyle to produce work-life balance and systems change.
Burnout is a buzzword that physicians are hearing about from colleagues, medical groups, health systems, CMA, AMA, specialty societies and the media. It is no wonder - physician burnout is at near-epidemic levels. According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings in 2015 over 54% of physicians reported suffering symptoms of burnout.
Burnout is complex and has many causes and symptoms. With the unprecedented change in the healthcare delivery system in the United States, many physicians feel that their role as healers, comforters and listeners is diminished.
As your colleagues, the physician leadership at FMMS understands the struggles physicians face on a daily basis. As your professional organization, FMMS is committed to helping  physicians in the Central Valley find happiness and fulfillment in their profession. Our goal is to engage in a long-term conversation with physicians in the Central Valley that will lead to increased recognition of the signs of burnout and the building of sustainable resiliency in the lives of our physicians.
Joy of Medicine Partners
FMMS depends on our partners to help guide and fund the Joy of Medicine Program so that it is available to all of our members. Thank you to all of our partners for yoru dedication and support to healthy physicians.
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