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Physician Peer Groups
Connect with your colleagues on a deeper level.
Peer Groups are an opportunity to meet with a group of colleagues that understand and identify with what it means to be a physician. Physician Peer Groups are not group therapy, but a means for physicians to connect with one another to discuss personal and professional successes and challenges.

Groups meet monthly in a local physician's home and are facilitated by one of our qualified providers. If you are interested in hosting or joining a group, please contact FMMS.

Mindful Living Peer Group:
    Hosted by Manisha Mittal, MD. The Mindful Living Peer Group meets the 3rd Thursday of each month. To attend a Mindful Living Peer Group, please RSVP at 559-224-4224 ext 118

Physician Socials
New Member Mixer  
March 17, 2020
Gazebo Gardens
Upcoming Events:
March 17, 2020    New Member Mixer