Build Resilience

Individual Wellness Sessions
Recognizing the overwhelming stresses and immense workloads that physicians face today, FMMS sponsors up to four (4) annual sessions with approved and vetted providers. These services are confidential, convenient and free of charge. 
*limited spots available


Participating in a Joy of Medicine Resiliency Consultation is completely voluntary and confidential and may not be mandated as a condition of employment. Neither FMMS, your employer, nor the California Board of Medicine will be notified if you choose to participate.


All program providers participating in the Joy of Medicine Program have been vetted by the FMMS Physician Wellness Committee.


Participating providers offer a wide range of appointment times that strive to accommodate the unique and busy schedules of physicians.

FMMS Sponsors up to four (4) Resiliency Consultations to physicians living and practicing in Fresno or Madera Counties. Our vetted providers are paid discreetly by FMMS. Insurance will not be asked for or billed. Physicians will have the option to extend their participation in this experience at their own expense after the fourth visit if desired.

* Any late cancellations or missed appointments are the financial responsibility of the physician.

To schedule an appointment call the provider's office 559-323-8484 and request an appointment with the provider of your choice. Identify yourself as a physician practicing in Fresno or Madera County and participating in the FMMS Joy of Medicine Program and request a Resiliency Consultation.
Are you in need of urgent consultation?
If you are in need of urgent assistance, call CMA's 24-hour Physicians' Confidential Assistance Line.  This 24-hour phone service provides completely confidential doctor-to-doctor assistance. The service is free and will not result in any form of disciplinary action or referral to any dicilplinary body.  Call: (650)756-7787
Roubicek and Thacker
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1879 E Fir Avenue 
Suite 103
Fresno, CA  93720

M-F 9a - 5p
Saturday By Appointment
Appointments available outside of office hours to accommodate the varied and hectic schedule of physicians.
The talented team of therapists and counselors at Roubicek and Thacker specialize in dealing with a variety of issues.  Browse their profiles to find a therapist that is right for you.